Saturday, July 21, 2007

Indonesia Fishery Product Shrimp Report 2007

Published USDA Foreign Agricultural Report

Report Highlights:

Shrimp farming production continues to grow while traditional shrimp catch production is decreasing. Penaeus monodon accounts for the largest share of production though Penaeus vannamei appears to overtake it. Penaeus vannamei is largely cultivated by semi-intensive and intensive farming. Indonesian shrimp producers are facing virus attacks that decrease production and antibiotic residues that result in restrictions by destination countries. Because shrimp comes from various sources, production can not be fully traced and standards are inconsistent.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

EU Flight Ban Effects on Indonesian Fish Export

Export of Indonesia fish products to EU (European Union) nations will be threatened by flight ban of Indonesian flight to Europe.

A lot of airlines transporting indonesia products is not from Indonesia so it is not a direct effect to the fish export. The image of embargo by EU is much greater. Until now, the export of fish products are export mainly by means of cargo sea transportation.

The amount of export to EU is much smaller compared to Japan, but this problem should not be viewed as small problem because Indonesian people worry that the view of Indonesian product will be decreased. At the end Indonesian government certainmy does not want the export to Europe to halt.

Product image is an important thing for the sustainability of export. The minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Freddy Numberi, had the same thoughts but still he hops the the flight ban will not affect the export of fish products.

This November, an inspection team from EU will arrive at Indonesia to visit some fish proccesing centers. From the last visit at February 2007, still the government has a lot of job to do.

If Indonesia fish is not accepted in Europe it is possible that the price will decrease because it will be used as an excuse by other purchasing countries.


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