Tuesday, September 18, 2007

FDA survey shows fisheries product in good standard

Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has approved Indonesian fishery product and it meets international standard. This was a result of a 10 day visit by FDA to the shrimp ponds and fish processing in 10 cities and 6 island of Indonesia.

Brett Koonsee (FDA) said on Friday (14/9à that Indonesian aquaculture has done well and meet environmental standards and this answers the doubt of USA citizen that Indonesian products are below international standard.

Brett emphasize that the feed of aquaculture does not use extensive chemical products. The development of organic shrimp ponds are thus safe for human. The fish processing
industry is modernized and able to produce high quality product.

Brett also wish that Indonesia could maintain the quality of aquaculture to increase the trust of international consumers towards Indonesian aquaculture product. He also said that the government of Indonesia and fisheries association should not only care for the major aquaculture players but also improve the small scale aquaculture to increase also the quality. If the Indonesia aquaculture is managed and maintained in such a way thus Indonesia should be the largest aquaculture producer.

Martani Husein, (Dirjen Produk Perikanan dan Pemasaran Departemen Kelautan dan Perikanan) said that the survey done by FDA USA showed the serious intention of USA to Indonesia. The export of fishery product form Indonesia has reached 2,1 billion USD with 690 million USD going to USA. From the total of the export to USA, about 416 million USD are shrimp products (50 000 tonnes).

Indonesia is very thankful for the FDA result, it also proves that Indonesian product could reah international standards.

Source: Surya Online

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