Wednesday, June 27, 2007

23 Million USD: Fish Export Value of Central Java

The export value of fisheries and aquaculture product of Central Java Province on the periode of January - April 2007 reached USD 23 Million. The end year target is predicted to increase 5% from last years value which was USD 70,6 Million.

"To reach this target we have to increase the quality. This is because the importers ask for a quite high standard of quality" said the Sartono Tirtohardjo, Head of Marketing, MMAF Service, Central Java.

The increase of quality is started from the pre production until the market product. To increase the quality, the government has done several programs to the exporter companies. This is important because still a lot of exporters in this region does not have a certificate of good proccessing. From 30 company of fish exporters, only 8 have this certificate. There is 3 category of this certificate (A, B and C - A is the highest). Without this certificate the company will certainly be banned by the Indonesia government because of internal suspect.

Until now the main commodity of Central java is frozen shrimp, canned tuna, tilapia and sea crab. The destination of export is; USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, China, Germany, Hongkong and Taiwan.

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