Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Neptune Predict Dipasena Sales Will Reach 242 Million US$ in 2008

Neptune Consortium as the new owners of Dipasena Group, projected the next year shrimp production will increase as much as 562% from 6 394 tonnes this year, becoming 42 371 tonnes at 2008. Neptune also predict Dipasena sales will reach 242 Million US$ in 2008.

Neptune will also invest 319 Million US$ for 5 years ahead. Mahar Sembiring as the Director of CP Prima said that the investment is needed for the revitalization of Dipasena. From the total investment fund, as much as 96 Million US$ originated as a credit from Panin Bank Tbk. to CP Prima for the purpose of investation loan and capital funds for plasma farmers of Dipasena.

Dipasena will plan to build infrastructure and also shrimp processing industry, feed mill and hatchery. The shrimp farm that is predicted to be the biggest shrimp farm in the world, plans to use the newest technology available to enhance and increase their shrimp production. The shrimp itself is planned to be marketed to CP Prima clients in Japan, USA an Europe

News from - 2008, Penjualan Dipasena Rp. 2,2 T
Picture taken from FAO website

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