Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tuna Export from Bali Increased 156%

Bali exporters are not worried at all about the quota system applied to Tuna sales in Europe. The first quartal of 2007 showed that the devisa by Tuna production in Bali increased 156% from last year.

The report of Bali Industri Service said that the realization from Tuna export from January until April 2007, was around 20 million US$. This was a dramatic increase from last years first quartal which was around 7,8 million US$. The volume of sales also increased 150% from 2.450 tonnes in January - April 2006 to 6.141 tonnes in January - April 2007. The average price of Bali's Tuna in the world market is around US$ 3,29 /kg.

At the Benoa Port, 15 km south of Denpasar, there is around 700 units of tuna long line fishing vessels ready to operate to meet the demands of market especially from Japan, United States of America and Taiwan.

Bali also has other fishery products which is export ready. The products are ornamental reef fish, crabs, groupers, milkfish, lobster dan shark fins.

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