Friday, December 14, 2007

The Comeback of Penaeus Monodon in Indonesia

The development of P. vannamei in Indonesia has lead to an unprospective future. Vannamei is no longer resistant to diseases and ideas of going back with monodon is raising. Monodon itself is a local species and still has its prospect to reign again the shrimp production in Indonesia.

In the eighties till the beginning of the nineties, Indonesia led in the production of shrimp especially the monodon species, but due to bad management in practices the quality of pond and also the shrimp declined very fast.

Still the is hope for Indonesia shrimp, but some people said its to late because already other Asian countries such as India, Vietnam, Thailand had developed it very seriously for a great comeback.

Monodon is an original species from Indonesia so why not it isn't developed like vannamei?

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