Friday, February 1, 2008

Indonesia Halts Vannamei Shrimp Import

At least until June 2008, the import of Vannamei shrimp to Indonesia is forbidden. although the import rules was expired last December, the Department of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Indonesia, decided to extend the period until June 2008.

The reason for the import rules is because Indonesia lacks behind in technology concerning disease detection and also traceability of the products. This issue is also related to the biosecurity conditions of the Indonesian aquaculture.

The government of Indonesia stands defensively because Indonesia government wants to protect the shrimp aquaculture industry from exotic diseases. In 2003, Indonesia have done the same thing by halting Vannamei import because of the same reason.

Indonesia until now haven't decided yet whether they will unleash the imported shrimp to Indonesia because even the United States couldn't even guarantee whether all imported products to USA is traceable. USA itself is the super power country and leads in the anti terrorism and of course tools to check traceability is available. If the technology is present, Indonesia is bound to open the Vannamei import.

Shrimp that are already imported have to be re-exported or immediately destroyed.

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