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7 Province in Indonesia that Produce Catfish

Catfish Clarias sp is very well developed in Indonesia. Over the last five years continues to increase catfish production. In 2005 the national production of 69.386 tons of catfish, the year 2006 of 77.332 tons, in 2007 amounted to 91.735 last year 2008 increased to 114.371 tons in 2009 and continued to increase to 144.755. In 2010, preliminary figures published by the production of farmed catfish of 273 554 tonnes.

Catfish farming is a commodity that is very popular freshwater community. It tastes good and tasty are one of the reasons the audience of catfish. Even today catfish consumed in the form of not only intact but also already processed catfish like shredded, nuggets, leather crackers, meatballs and others.

Raising catfish can now be grown in a container other than a pool, good pool tarps, pool or pond soil cement, also has developed cultivation at Karamba, cages and rice cultivation.

Raising catfish in the pond there in nearly all parts of Indonesia and was initially developed in catfish aquaculture ponds. In further developments catfish farming can be cultivated in Karamba. Some areas are developing catfish farming with Karamba container, among other southern Sumatra, North Sumatra, West Kalimantan and East Java. Lele current can also be cultivated in floating net buoyancy. West Java province is an example that can develop catfish farming in net cages. While catfish farming in rice fields in general only up to the nursery, although some are developed to the stage of consumption. Catfish production in paddy cultivation are highest in West Sumatra.

The development of an excellent catfish farming is supported by the production of catfish big enough in some provinces that became centers of catfish farming. Seven of them, namely:

1. West Java

West Java is a province known for its freshwater fish farming. In this province there is a Center for Development of Freshwater Aquaculture, located in Sukabumi. Production of catfish farming in West Java province in 2009 reached 48,044 tons. Catfish in the province is cultivated in both swimming pools in the container land, tub or pool tarp. Not only in the pool, about some areas of West Java also developed a system of catfish aquaculture net cages and paddy cultivation. In the cultivation of rice is generally cultivated for the nursery fish catfish. Catfish farming center of West Java Province is located in Bogor district and district Indramayu. In addition to these two districts, there are three districts whose production in 2009 reached over 1,000 tons. These three provinces namely Subang district, county and district Ciamis Bandung.

2. Central Java

Province is located in the central island of Java is, in 2009 production reached 28,290 tons of fish lelenya. Catfish aquaculture centers in the province spread over several districts. Tertinggui catfish production in Central Java is located in the district is sentranya Demak and catfish farming. Other catfish aquaculture centers located in the district of Banyumas, Purbalingga, Sukoharjo and Karang Anyar and Boyolali. Raising catfish in Central Java, mostly from aquaculture ponds. Starting in 2009 based on statistical data publication started developing aquaculture catfish farming in rice fields. Besides dikaramba and catfish farming in ponds is also developed in karamba and floating net.

3. East Java

Catfish cultivation in the province of East Java, conducted in Swimming, karamba and rice fields. Production of all three types of aquaculture in 2009 reached 26,690 tons. Catfish farming center located in East Java province and district Tulung Jombang district Court. Both these districts have been the largest supplier of catfish farmed in East Java. In addition to these districts there are also districts Kadiri, Nganjuk, Terri and Jember production above 1,000 tons in 2009.

4. D. I. Yogyakarta

Provinces that have only 5 districts are apparently not be considered trivial in terms of fish breeding. Just look at lelenya production which in 2009 was in four major catfish producer. In the year 2009 and Yogyakarta catfish production reached 7902 tons. Raising catfish in the province of Yogyakarta is done in a container pond and a small catfish farmers who cultivate in the Karamba. The whole district of the province is developing this catfish. Catfish production centers located in the district and the district Kulonprogo Sleman.

5. West Sumatra

West Sumatra is famous for its carp and fish farming are partly derived from the value the floating net floating on Lake Maninjau contained. But who sangkan although the development of fish farming is not sepesat lelenya carp and tilapia, catfish production in West Sumatra, including five major national producer of catfish farming. Its production in 2009 reached 7292 tons. Catfish are known for easy in this cultivation, in the province of West Sumatra is cultivated in ponds and rice fields. Some farmers also develop karamba and catfish in floating net. Sentra catfish farming province of West Sumatra contained in 50 districts and counties Pasaman Koto.

6. Lampung

Lampung province is actually known as the largest shrimp producer in Indonesia. This is because in this province there are two companies that do vaname shrimp cultivation. However, the results of aquaculture is also a very good bargaining mainly catfish. Lampung province of catfish production in 2009 reached 5572 tons. Catfish in the province is cultivated in ponds and in containers located in each county / city of Lampung province. Fish farming centers lelenya Lampung province on the basis of statistical reports published in 2010 contained in the district Tanggamus, East Lampung regency and city Metro.

7. Riau

Riau province including the provincial bargaining aquaculture development is quite good. In 2009, the province's production of 3835 tons lelenya fish originating from aquaculture ponds and net cages. Catfish production centers located in Riau province Kampar district is known as sentranya freshwater aquaculture and farmed fish producer number one in the province of Riau. Catfish farming center located in Kampar but all districts / cities in the province is also developing catfish.

This is the seventh province's largest contributor of catfish production in Indonesia in 2009 and with the expected production targets in 2011 which amounted to 366,000 tons could be achieved by increasing the production of the seventh province.

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