Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Indonesian Government Must Resolve Issue of Fish Meal Production

Dependence on imports of fish meal as feed raw material to make Indonesian Poultry Society Forum (FMPI) asked the government to seriously develop these products themselves.

"The cost of production for poultry or fish aquaculture 70 percent comes from food, but the raw material in the form of fish meal we still have to import," said Coordinator FMPI, Don P Utoyo, through discussion and press conference Viv Asia "Reflecting on the Farm and Agribusiness Excellence Strategy Fishing Thailand "here on Wednesday.

According to him, the constraints of Indonesia to be able to produce fish meal itself because the producers of fish meal processing with a fisherman who could supply the raw materials their own ways.

"The perpetrator was still fishing effort on their own path. So can not process their own fish meal, but its resources there," he continued.

He said the government should be able to integrate suppliers of raw materials to processing fish meal, so that raw materials do not need to be exported again.

"In addition, we need to wait for the government's plan to provide incentives for the processing of this raw material feed. This is necessary in order to no longer support the import dependence," said Don.

Earlier in the discussion kepentinan fisheries stakeholders in the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Head of Aquaculture Research Center for the CTF, Endhay Kusnendar, reveals further research is needed to replace fish meal given the amount of demand and price increases.

Price per metric ton of fish meal which jumped from 600 dollars to 2,000 U.S. dollars of the more burdensome in the homeland of fish farmers.

Look for alternative sources of protein solution in the form of a caterpillar magot of coconut oil is also still have to continue to be tested. The problem, the current surge in oil prices resulting in the production magot considered twice by the feed producers, he said.

"So it should be studied together is roughly what this fish meal replacement. In Australia, algae has begun to be developed to replace the fish meal protein. It can also be developed in the ground water due to abundant raw materials," continued Endhay

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