Thursday, June 14, 2007

Indonesian High School Students Harvest Vannamei Shrimp

The high school students of SMK Negeri 1 Sidayu, Gresik District, East Java succeeded in harvesting vannamei shrimp for their first time. The activity was a practicum for a school subject with the help and coordination from Situbondo Brackish Water Aquaculture Center and also with the cooperation of Tasuke as a company that produce organic fertilizer. Tasuke main goal in this participation is to introduce the usage of organic fertilizer to the shrimp farmers located around the school.

Through the project, it was seen that the use of the organic fertilizer decreased the usage of shrimp feed up to 50%. From 3000 m² of shrimp ponds used, 120 000 juveniles was stocked and 200 kg of organic fertilizer was used.

The shrimp production will only need 400 kg of feed if organic fertilizer is applied, while without organic fertilizer, the amount of feed will be 800 - 1000 kg.

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