Saturday, June 16, 2007

Shrimp and Tilapia Still the Best

The export commodity of aquaculture product of Tilapia and Shrimp is still favourable at North Sumatra while the market of these product are still high in demand. The government of North Sumatra has still to optimize the production of both species since the market for them are very good.

The Tilapia fish is the best aquaculture product form North Sumatra where it is cultured in a popular tourist lake, Lake Toba. For example, Aqua Farm Nusantara (a local company) can produce 80 ton per day from its 1500 karamba or floating net cages. The local farmers also build up the local production where at least 5500 karamba (each measuring 6 m²) is present.

Fulfilling the export market is not easy said Yosep (head of North Sumatra fisheries service), since the fish must at least be 800 gr. Yosep said also that the carrying capacity of Lake Toba is stil sufficient and not at its maximum yet.

The shrimp potential of North Sumatra is still yet to awaken since most of the shrimp ponds are still abandoned. Nevertheless the demand for shrimp is a good opportunity for North Sumatra shrimp production.

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